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'Numaru' is a serene spot in a traditional Korean house, where special guests are welcomed.
Let us transport you to the heart of the Korean culture through the unique flavours
and traditional Korean hospitality. Gather in Numaru to share quality
moments and experience something special every visit.

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Roy, our CEO, is a professional photographer who has traveled the world.
He opened his first restaurant in Prague in 2017, so he could enjoy Korean food whenever he missed it. 

Depending on who makes it,each Korean dish has a different recipe and taste.  
Our Korean food is prepared to suit Roy's taste,
a typical Korean who can’t live without soju and soup.

For 6 years, we have developed our own flavors,
including sauces and kimchi, and ended up with three restaurants in Prague,
each with a different concept: Pocha, Ggogi, and Numaru.
We hope you enjoy our food.
Bon appetit!

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