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프라하에서 이색 한식 퓨전 레스토랑, 누마루

What is Numaru? NUMARU is a Korean fusion restaurant & bar where is a special place welcomes you with exotic fusion Korean dish. Enjoy unique fusion Korean food commingled the East and the West in the center of Prague!

Numaru logo
Numaru BI

The meaning of NUMARU

MARU is the central space of a traditional Korean house (Hanok).

Taken literally, it means living room floor. It provides access to the other rooms and is often used for gatherings, connecting space to space and people to people.

NUMARU means lofted maru.

It's a traditional Korean balcony-like raised veranda overlooking nature, and a place to welcome precious guests.

Korean traditional Numaru
Korean traditional Numaru

Our restaurant Numaru in Prague Connect with Korean cuisine and let us transport you to the heart of the Korean culture through the unique flavors and traditional Korean hospitality! Gather in NUMARU to share quality moments and experience something special every visit∼

Address : Truhlářská 1110/4, 110 00, Nové Město, Praha, Czech republic Contact number : +420 724 888 272